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2014-06-11 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly News

Hello and welcome to this edition of the SPH site news. We have great news this week so I am glad you are reading this. We have made the full transition from Manual Traffic Exchange to Manual Traffic Exchange / Social branding System. We no offer more value than any other exchange online. No other site gives 1/2 as much as we do for your credit spent. The main part of the social branding system is in two parts, your Social Surf Profile and your Social Assets Page. I will explain both a little bit more below.

SPH Surf Profile Sample
Your Splash Page Hits Social Surf Profile

I put a sample of my surf profile to the left of this text and you can see as I explain what we are allowing you to show to all surfers while your site is showing in the surf frame. The surf profile shows who the site being seen is presented by with the member's name and picture linked to their Splash Page Hits Social Assets Page.

Under Social Connect if you edit your Surf Profile, you can add the usernames of the four social sites you see under social connections allowing surfers to just click on one of them and connect with you on that service.

Under Social Branding you have a little mini downline builder for the social branding sites and adding your ID for those sites will make them links that will help you grow your referrals in the social branding sites.

My Links allows you to promote 3 extra links in the surf frame with the Link #1, Link #2 and Link #3 buttons and these are your links that open in a new window when a surfer clicks on one of them.

Under My Videos adding your YouTube and Vimeo id will allow you to market your videos to the surfers by leading them to your profile page on Vimeo or YouTube.

The Edit Surf Profile Button leads you to the Member Surf Profile Builder and allows you to customize it with your info. If you do not fill something out, it will not show up on your surf profile.

Your Social Assets Page

Add Your Social Assets Page Info
Your social assets page allows you to promote ALL your Social Profiles, Yourself and whatever you promote all from one page while acting as a referral page for Splash Page Hits. This page is all about you, we don't just say it is all about you then slap our stuff all over the page, this page is meant to work 100% for you the member. Be sure to use them because they are crawled regularly by all the major search engines and these profiles will help you get noticed in the search engines. As we bring more social sites online for customers, we will be adding them to the Social Branding Section of your Social Assets Page.

The nice thing about this page is I can add to it as I find programs worthy of adding to it. I can integrate a lead capture system into it where you can use it as a Splash and Lead Capture Page to it. I can add a place for you to put a YouTube or Vimeo video to the page, the possibilities are endless and as I get social integrated at all the NWT sites, I will be adding features not available anywhere else so sit back and hang on as we head full throttle into the social manual traffic market.

Weekly Site Special

Since we have gone through so many changes in such a short period of time, we are giving a chance to our current members this week until the 16th of the month. We have sold 2 of these memberships and both off of One Time Offers that are only seen once by new members the first time they log in, this is not a sale we use for current members. This will be the only time you will see this opportunity and it will be gone when 3 people take it or on the 16th whichever comes first.

You will see the special offer on the Log In page the first time you log in each day. This offer is a gold mine in savings and if you know us, we don't throw worthless offers to our members. Our name has and always will mean value, don't miss this chance.

I would like to thank you once again for taking the time to read the weekly news, being active means a lot to us. Please remember to surf daily if you can and use your splash Pages and all the other free tools at Splash Page Hits to boost your results.
Thanks, Ronda Hillman - SPH Admin

2014-06-06 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello again from Splash Page Hits, I hope you are having an awesome week. I skipped the last couple weeks on e-mails, I am sure you never missed them if your a member of a lot of exchanges. I was busy taking the front page design throughout the site, adding the Social Branding Surf System and a record for every member, you just need to edit yours.

Social Branding Surf Module is Live !

The Social Brander in the surf allows every member to add their name, picture and social connect information, social branding system memberships and a couple links to sites so they can promote themselves, their social pages and a couple links while building downlines in awesome social branding sites every time a surfer sees their page.no site allows you to promote so much in the surf off of your 1 credit spent. I urge you to get social by filling out the Social Surf Profile on the member log In Page.

Social Assets Update - Coming Soon !

I have decided now that i can tie your social assets page to your picture in your social branding surf profile, i will be giving you a real nice page with all the social connections you want that will earn you SPH credits, build your social connections, promote all your sites and give you a real page you can use to promote yourself and all you do online. I should have that done within the week as we take social surfing to new heights and give members more than ANY other site can.

Woo Hoo - Social Surfing is Now Live - The Site Design Is Live Site Wide !

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