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2014-10-27 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly News

Hello Again from Bucky Land !  I have been hopping from site to site getting a special reward system enacted for all of our loyal active members. I will keep it short this week but I ma hopping with excitement to let you all know about something Awesome. We work with Ronda over at NWT Websites, she is actually the owner of Breed Traffic and I just do what she tells me. She had me so busy with this new system, that is all I did this week, get ready to reward you active members that bother to surf and read the news.

Follow Bucky Down the AMR Rabbit Hole !
SPH is an Activity Based Traffic Exchange

I would like to take a minute to talk about what an activity based site is. We have always ran activity based sites and that is because a bunch of inactive members do nothing for anybody except those blowhards that yell about their member numbers so proudly. Activity based sites offer rewards for surfing, logging in daily, reading the weekly news, adding ads and using the site on a regular basis. We have a routine on our system that takes accounts that have been inactive for 90 days and marks then for removal. If those accounts have had no activity in another 90 days, they get purged.

This helps us maintain our site in a much better manner and keep the clutter out of the database. If a member has done nothing in 180 days and gets purged, they can always join again. Many long time accounts have gone away already and activity is actually picking up at the SPH. A membership is only as good as the real people in it no matter what the self proclaimed gurus of traffic exchanges spout to anyone listening.
Activity Has it's Own Rewards

I sat and thought about how I could reward our loyal members for being active. I added prize pages, I added more surfing rewards but what could I give active members that nobody else can ? I came up with a brand new reward system for Active Members. I would like to take this time to introduce you to ...............

AMR - Active Member Rewards

AMR is a New System that spans 14 established, networked traffic exchanges. It rewards active members with REAL rewards instead of bogus images on a page or invisible percentages for surfing multiple sites that never appear, you can use this LOL.

I was required to add two new pages at SPH and they will be added to the menu under surfing very soon. The SPH Surf Rewards and the AMR Surf Rewards pages are now up to let you know exactly what you get for surfing at Splash Page Hits. AMR is about giving active members rewards that they can actually see and use. You will see the AMR logo on the SPH Site and there is a New AMR Splash Page that will probably convert well when marketers get a look at what rewards AMR gives.

SPH Surf Reward System - AMR System

First ARM Reward Activates November First

The first AMR Reward Contest Starts Nov 1st, 2014 and runs to January 1st, 2015 and all you have to do is surf 25,000 pages in two months to get your very own AMR Pro Marketing Website personalized with your picture, social assets, built in AMR Site Downline Builder,  a 14 program ( Build Your Own ) Downline Builder Page and a Personalized Splash Page that lets your promote You and Your Site or Program.

**** Requires You to Sign Up at MY Site Housing the ARM System for Us

BONUS ++++ Every Page of the AMR Pro Marketing Site will Earn You Network Banner and Text Ad Credits at Direct-Traffic to show your banners, mini banners and text ads across our entire network of AMR Participating Sites.

**** Requires a Sign Up at MY Direct-Traffic Site the Network Banner /Text Ad Exchange

AMR is Brand New and you will be seeing More and More Special Rewards Here at Splash Page Hits but we wanted to start AMR off with a Huge Splash. The award will start showing up in the third surf frame on November 1st and run until January 1st, 2015 and this particular AMR Pro Marketing Site May NEVER run again. Have Fun !

This is a Lifetime Site - You NEVER have to Pay for it EVER !

Learn More About the AMR Pro Marketing Site at the AMR System
Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until 11-3-2014 So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings
That is all I have for now, watch for all the new things coming that will be rewards for activity and there will be some that can only be found at SPH. Have a great week and thanks for Surfing with Bucky Bunny !
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

2014-10-20 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly News

Hello again from Bucky land, I hope this news post finds you well. I have had a very busy week so i will keep this short but i wanted to let our active members know. I have something special I hope to announce next week right here that is going to be a big reward to the active members. You will be hearing a lot about it and I am actually doing it for you, our active members.  I don't want to give it away but I think it will set a new standard..
Direct-Traffic - Supporting Splash Page Hits Members

Direct-Traffic is supporting our members and I will be making a plug for them more and more as we grow. Our members sites are seen in their manual surf rotation as well and all the network sites. All Direct-Traffic shows is Network Sites 24/7/365. You will also see their adds running on all of our sites in all surf frames and throughout the sites.

The Original No Surf Advertising System !
Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until 10-27-2014 So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings
That is all I have for now, I have to get back to work on your reward for being active and reading this and surfing. Have a great week and thanks for being active.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin

2014-10-13 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly News

Hello Splashers, i hope you had a great week, mine was busy with a lot of work. We have some changes and I will announce them below but I need all members surfing so we can show them whet we can do on the network. You know that your sites now go out across 66 manual traffic exchanges from Splash Page Hits so surf up a storm this week.
Changes at Splash Page Hits

I have turned off the banner and text ad exchanges here at Splash Page Hits and opted to use the new Direct-Traffic Service for the exchange for almost all of our sites. This means that your banner and text ad credits here will power your banners and text ads on site and they will not be shown off site in any way. There is no longer a code to place on your sites to earn credits, the exchanges are closed never to reopen. Your text ads and banners are still here and will still be used in the surf frame and on the site but this is the only place you will see the Splash Page Hits House Ads. We are now a network manual traffic exchange with on site text ads and on site banner ads.
The NWT Tide is Rising - Will it Lift Your Boat ?

It has been a long time coming but now surfers can now see your sites on the network surf. With the launch of the Network Surfing at Direct-Traffic, all the members that come in and surf for credits to show ads will see your sites you put in Splash Page Hits. You will be seeing text ads and banners from Direct-Traffic at SPH now as it will be the official network ad system. Ads from Direct-Traffic are shown on all of our sites in the surf frames and throughout the site and they are full exchanges so people can earn credits by showing the Direct-Traffic Ads as well.

Your Boat Can be Surf Panther - Get $100.00 off with the coupon NWTTIDESP

Click Here to See, Purchase and or Join Surf Panther !
3 Days Only !

Direct-Traffic is our answer to surfing the networks and a network ad system.  members join Direct-Traffic and can surf the 66 sites on the manual network, earn manual credits and convert them to network text/banner credits at a rate of 1 manual credit gets 10 banner/text credits. They can also surf the 30 sites on the NWT Auto Network and earn regular credits that can be converted to banner and text ad credits at a rate if 10 regular credits gets 1 banner/text ad credit.

The ads now show to the active members of 13 active exchanges in the surf frames and on the sites and they show as the only on site ads at both networks as those on site ad systems have been turned off. It does two things for us here, it makes it where more unique people will see your site and you can join and add banners and text ads that will show throughout our network and beyond as site owners get on board.

The Original No Surf Advertising System !
Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 10-19-2014 So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings
I hope you all take advantage of all we have to offer. Be sure to surf daily and get those sites out on the network. have a great week and thanks for being a member of SPH.
Bucky Bunny - BT Admin Rabbit

2014-10-06 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly News

Hello from Bucky Bunny's World. I hope you all are having a great week. I have really tried to make this site offer more than any other manual traffic exchange, I just wish more people would take advantage of it. We offer a Free Splash Page Builder, a Free Video Splash Page Builder with YouTube Integration, a free Lead Capture Page with ListWire Integration, Multiple free Downline Builders and that is all for Free Members. I also fixed it where you earn Splash Page Hits Credits when you show ANY of the above mentioned pages. Promote YOUR stuff and earn credits, Win, Win Win !

Upgraded members get even more. There are more splash pages allowed, more downline builders, more capture pages, more video splash pages and even a video lead capture splash page. A faster timer, more sites, banners and text ads allowed, more credits per site surfed, bigger bonuses, more credits for showing the referral page and many more benefits of being an upgraded Splash Page Hits member.
Other Manual Sites Operated by NWT

If you want to leverage your traffic on the network as well as do some social branding get some free downline builders, splash pages for your site and even lead capture pages and video splash pages, check out some of the other sites I have personally built and run myself for the NWT System, I can use all my loyal members at those sites to.

Funny Farm Traffic

Funny Farm Traffic has a Manual  Traffic Exchange with a Full Banner and Text Ad Exchange and is one of the oldest original traffic exchanges still online.

Total Drama Traffic

Manual Traffic Exchange, Social Branding System, Downline Builders, Banner and Text Ad System and the Only Tiki Surf Reward System Around.

Clicks A Go Go

Manual Traffic, Banner and Text Ad Exchange and lots of surfing rewards and it is where we are starting the MGC ( Million Groovy Clicks ) Club. That is in the works now with two sites and will be progressing in the nest few weeks.

Banner Elevator

The Banner Elevator is the original Viral Banner Ad System and also has a full Banner Exchange, Text Ad Exchange and Manual Traffic Exchange and allows you more options for your main referral page like more banners, longer timer and more.

Intelligent Traffic

Intelligent Traffic is a total Manual Traffic Exchange / Social Branding System with Free Downline Builders, Free Splash Pages and you earn credits from using them and they are all branded socially with you so you can brand yourself with your sites.

My-Traffic-Exchange !

My-Traffic-Exchange is a Manual Traffic Exchange, Banner and Text A Exchange with a built in Downline Builder and is also running the MPP Club. You can earn a lifetime upgrade just by surfing like you normally would, New Loyalty Rewards.

NWT Surf Center

NWT Surf Center was established in 2005 and we have kept it clean since day one. You can surf Manual or Auto and it has a full Banner Exchange, Text Ad Exchange and Mini Banner Exchange. Lots of daily hits from real members from NWT.

NWT Webworks

NWT Webworks has the Manual and Auto Surf Tracks with a Full Banner, Text Ad and Mini Banner Exchange and a Downline Builder with 40 plus programs to promote. Established in 2005 and has been delivering only quality network hits since.

Breed Traffic

Breed Traffic has a Manual and Auto Traffic Exchange with a Full Banner and Text Ad Exchange as well as a Mini Banner Exchange, Multiple Downline Builders and a Social Branding System for a total advertising solution.

10K Traffic

10K Traffic is a Manual / Auto Surf Traffic, Banner and Text Ad Exchange with a Full Downline Builder. Progressive Surfing, Daily Log In Bonus and plenty of Prize Pages. 10K has been around a long time and delivers quality network traffic.
Using All the Tools at Splash Page Hits

Click Here and Make it Very, Very Simple to Get the Most From SPH !
Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 10-13-2014 So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings
Please remember to surf daily and add some sites, remember that they are seen on 65 other manual traffic exchanges. Have a great week and thank you for being a loyal Splash Page Hits Active member.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

2014-09-29 -
Splash Page Hits Weekly Site News

Hello and Welcome to the News Page, I hope you all had a great week. I could use all members surfing here at Splash Page Hits as we head into the busiest season for online marketers. It helps us grow and produce network hits as well as sends your sites out across the network more. I am working now on some more member incentives to reward the active members even more than we do now. Activity is the Key at SPH
 New Progressive Offer Images

I am working on the Progressive Offer Images you see in the third frame to make them match the site and give you another visual to keep track of your offers as you surf. I hope you enjoy the distraction, I know it makes my surfing more fun anyway. I should have that finished tonight and you will start seeing them now when you surf, I am making new ones for each offer so you can tell them all apart by just looking at the image. Oh, by the way, I will be adding Banner and Text Ad Credits to All Rewards.
More Rewards for Activity

I am starting a new system here this week that will only be sent to active surfers and members that click the Bonus News Link in their weekly stats e-mail and it will offer the same special we ran that week to the active members at a much deeper discount. I hope this will be seen as just one more reward for being an active SPH member.
Daily - Weekly Surfing Contests

The Daily and Weekly Surfing Contests are ALWAYS running and you have to surf to win. You can win the daily every day if you surf enough and the weekly as well. I can only make all the rewards available to active members, I can't make you surf.
Social Branding Throughout

This week, I will be working on all the splash page builders and all of the downline builders to make sure they are up to date and include your social branding. Now that we have the Social Surf Profile, you can promote more for one credit than nay other traffic exchange. I suggest you take advantage of it and Brand Yourself Socially.
Surf Panther is Now Open !

As usual when I build a new site for sale, I open it so I can start growing the membership for the new owner and so a perspective can join and check the site out. If you have been thinking of a manual exchange for yourself, this one is a good one. This site is already running on the Manual Traffic Exchange Network. You can join and be one of the new owners base membership or maybe you are ready to make the leap !

I set Surf Panther up with Manual Surfing, Banner and Text Ad Exchange, Two Step One Time Offer, Log In One Time Confirm Offer, Basic Graphics. I will have one progressive offer for surfing done before delivery to the new owner. All the membership levels and pricing are set in a manner that works for my site well.

You Can Purchase Surf Panther Today Here !
Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 10-6-2014 So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings
That is all I have for now, please remember to surf daily and help us grow and provide the best network traffic we can. I can't give away any more rewards for being active, until I can think of some. Have a great week and thanks for surfing Splash Page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - BT Admin Rabbit

2014-09-22 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello again from Bucky and welcome to our weekly news page. I appreciate all our members that come to read the news. I hope you check out all the features we offer here. I would like to take a few minutes to let you know a little more about the network.

The Manual Traffic Network

The Manual Traffic Network is a system that allows a manual traffic exchange to join and share views with other manual traffic exchanges. This means that members surfing any site connected to the network will see sites from all sites connected to the network. We built this system to allow manual traffic exchange members to get better quality hits by raising the unique views they get because the surfing pool in now all members surfing any site connected to the network.

It is also great for smaller traffic exchanges starting out because it allows them to deliver some views and burn some credits even if nobody is surfing their site. New manual exchanges take time to build and it is nice to still deliver some hits as it grows.

You can see the sites on the network by looking at the daily volume page and you can leverage your network traffic by joining and using more sites connected to the network. The sites on the network are many different scripts and owners, TES 2.1 is the only software that works seamless with the network as it runs on the same software.

Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 29th So Don't Miss Out !

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings

Important :
Inactive - No Ad - No Credits Accounts

I hope we can get everyone in there surfing this week. I will be sending out an e-mail to inactive members and members with no credits to let them know. We are not big on inactive accounts and have already removed many accounts from this site. If you are inactive too long or your e-mail bounces, the system marks you for removal after 90 days and then within the next 90 days it purges the accounts it marked inactive.

The system sends a couple of e-mails so if anybody does not want removed, they have plenty of chances to get active and keep their account. The only way to run an exchange is with loyal, active members so we try to keep it an activity based site.

Take time out to spend with family and friends this week, try to surf daily and help us get those numbers up. Have a great week and thanks for being a member of Splash Page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

2014-09-15 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello and welcome once again to our news page. We are starting to get busy with site work but we always will stop to send the stats e-mails. We have several things going on on SPH with daily contests for surfing and progressive offers and the addition of the social branding in the surf which I have to touch up this week. I also will be touching up our downline builders for free members and upgraded members so watch for that.

Splash Page Hits is 5 Years Old Now

We launched Splash Page Hits in 2009 as an alternative site for splash pages, one where you don't get one or two e-mails a day from the site. We have changed and continue to change and as we get going this season, I will be touching up the Splash Pages. You can use the splash pages now to promote your site, brand yourself socially and earn credits here when you show them, NO other site offers that.

Watch for the Changes throughout the Fall and Winter Months !

TES 2.1 Social Branding Sites

The power of the social branding sites is great and I can't wait to get it here on Funny Farm. Right now, there are four TES 2.1 Sites running the social branding module.

Intelligent Traffic  Splash Page Hits  Total Drama Traffic  MadMan Surf

TES 2.1 is doing Pre Built Sites again and Social is available for all TES 2.1 sites and the modules are already available to current site owners and if you buy a pre built site you can now buy the social module and add it to the site for a few dollars more.

Right Now, there is One Site Available Ready for Purchase - Surf Panther

Network Manual Traffic Exchange - Banner, Mini Banner and Text Ad Exchange, Basic Graphics and Site Set Up with the Domain Name Included.

A $410.00 Value - On Sale Now - Click Here !

A New Service You Should Check Out !

Have a business or group and want to stay in contact, this service is for you. Recommending sites for you to join is something you don't see me do often but I don't mind recommending things that are useful to my members, this is not a paid ad. I know the site owner and expect a great level of service and plenty of great features.

InterOffice.US - Private Secure EiMail / File Sharing

That is all I have for you this week, please remember to surf some daily and help us deliver those manual network hits. It is what helps us grow and reach more people. Have a great week and thanks for surfing Splash Page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

2014-09-13 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello and Welcome to all new members. I know it has been awhile since you heard from me, my admin made me take the summer off, told me I was burnt out from 10 years of running traffic exchanges daily with no real break. They have allowed me to come back after a couple of months off so I will get back to work on the social aspects of SPH.

I envision a place where you can have awesome splash pages, a social profile, a social surf profile, multiple branded downline builders and video splash pages as well as lead capture pages. If you take advantage of what we are building here, you can have a total marketing solution in one package. You will see the changes coming as we get moving.

Manual Surfing and Free Credits

I know that surfing manual is nobody's favorite activity but I really need people surfing some daily. We are going into the busy season and you all should make sure you have manual credits to show your sites. Log in Daily, Take the Prize Pages and Surf Daily for the Progressive Offer and you will get plenty of free credits. Activity is the Key !

New TES 2.1 Site for Sale !

I have been so busy it has been awhile since I made a pre built exchange for sale. As we head into the season and start growing the network, I may be too busy to do a lot of pre built sites as people start buying more software during the colder months. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a way to make a few extra bucks or a way to advertise your other sites to lots of people through the network, this site will not last long.

Surf Panther

Set up as a manual only site with a text ad and banner exchange as well as a mini banner exchange. This is a $200.00 Surf System with three $50.00 Exchange Modules, basic graphics, site set up and the domain name is included. A $410.00 value on sale for $275.00 and it includes the network hookup to the Manual Traffic Exchange Network. Click Here to Visit Surf Panther Now !

Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 21st but I will do a newsletter again Monday or Tuesday to get my regular schedule going again. I have not used this special since 2011 and I probably will not use it again for a long time so don't miss out.

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings

That is all I have for now and I thank you all for hanging out while I took my mandatory break forced by my mutinous admin team LOL. We are back on track and we have a great admin team that takes care of the daily site operations whether I am here or not. Have a great week and thanks for being a member of Splash page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

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