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2014-09-15 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello and welcome once again to our news page. We are starting to get busy with site work but we always will stop to send the stats e-mails. We have several things going on on SPH with daily contests for surfing and progressive offers and the addition of the social branding in the surf which I have to touch up this week. I also will be touching up our downline builders for free members and upgraded members so watch for that.

Splash Page Hits is 5 Years Old Now

We launched Splash Page Hits in 2009 as an alternative site for splash pages, one where you don't get one or two e-mails a day from the site. We have changed and continue to change and as we get going this season, I will be touching up the Splash Pages. You can use the splash pages now to promote your site, brand yourself socially and earn credits here when you show them, NO other site offers that.

Watch for the Changes throughout the Fall and Winter Months !

TES 2.1 Social Branding Sites

The power of the social branding sites is great and I can't wait to get it here on Funny Farm. Right now, there are four TES 2.1 Sites running the social branding module.

Intelligent Traffic  Splash Page Hits  Total Drama Traffic  MadMan Surf

TES 2.1 is doing Pre Built Sites again and Social is available for all TES 2.1 sites and the modules are already available to current site owners and if you buy a pre built site you can now buy the social module and add it to the site for a few dollars more.

Right Now, there is One Site Available Ready for Purchase - Surf Panther

Network Manual Traffic Exchange - Banner, Mini Banner and Text Ad Exchange, Basic Graphics and Site Set Up with the Domain Name Included.

A $410.00 Value - On Sale Now - Click Here !

A New Service You Should Check Out !

Have a business or group and want to stay in contact, this service is for you. Recommending sites for you to join is something you don't see me do often but I don't mind recommending things that are useful to my members, this is not a paid ad. I know the site owner and expect a great level of service and plenty of great features.

InterOffice.US - Private Secure EiMail / File Sharing

That is all I have for you this week, please remember to surf some daily and help us deliver those manual network hits. It is what helps us grow and reach more people. Have a great week and thanks for surfing Splash Page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

2014-09-13 -
Splash Page Hits Site News

Hello and Welcome to all new members. I know it has been awhile since you heard from me, my admin made me take the summer off, told me I was burnt out from 10 years of running traffic exchanges daily with no real break. They have allowed me to come back after a couple of months off so I will get back to work on the social aspects of SPH.

I envision a place where you can have awesome splash pages, a social profile, a social surf profile, multiple branded downline builders and video splash pages as well as lead capture pages. If you take advantage of what we are building here, you can have a total marketing solution in one package. You will see the changes coming as we get moving.

Manual Surfing and Free Credits

I know that surfing manual is nobody's favorite activity but I really need people surfing some daily. We are going into the busy season and you all should make sure you have manual credits to show your sites. Log in Daily, Take the Prize Pages and Surf Daily for the Progressive Offer and you will get plenty of free credits. Activity is the Key !

New TES 2.1 Site for Sale !

I have been so busy it has been awhile since I made a pre built exchange for sale. As we head into the season and start growing the network, I may be too busy to do a lot of pre built sites as people start buying more software during the colder months. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a way to make a few extra bucks or a way to advertise your other sites to lots of people through the network, this site will not last long.

Surf Panther

Set up as a manual only site with a text ad and banner exchange as well as a mini banner exchange. This is a $200.00 Surf System with three $50.00 Exchange Modules, basic graphics, site set up and the domain name is included. A $410.00 value on sale for $275.00 and it includes the network hookup to the Manual Traffic Exchange Network. Click Here to Visit Surf Panther Now !

Splash Page Hits Site Special

I will let this special run until the 21st but I will do a newsletter again Monday or Tuesday to get my regular schedule going again. I have not used this special since 2011 and I probably will not use it again for a long time so don't miss out.

You Must be Logged In To Take This Special Offer !

Log In Here - Click Here for a Huge Savings

That is all I have for now and I thank you all for hanging out while I took my mandatory break forced by my mutinous admin team LOL. We are back on track and we have a great admin team that takes care of the daily site operations whether I am here or not. Have a great week and thanks for being a member of Splash page Hits.
Bucky Bunny - SPH Admin Rabbit

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